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Retail trading Amendment (Boxing Day) Bill 2017  

The Retail trading Amendment (Boxing Day) Bill 2017 was passed by Parliament on 20 September 2017.

The Bill removes the sunset clause (which was due to commence on 1 December 2017) and thereby permits shops to continue to be able to trade on Boxing Day and banks to be able to trade on Boxing Day, Bank Holiday and certain other public holidays provided staff have freely elected to work.

Two new offences which were introduced as part of the changes made in 2015 also continue to apply.

Firstly, in circumstances where a shop has unlawfully traded on any restricted trading day and the shop was staffed by persons who did not freely elect to work a maximum $11,000 fine per person may apply. A similar offence also applies where banks have unlawfully opened their premises on bank close days.

Secondly, a maximum fine of $22,000 applies in circumstances where the landlord of a shop has forced a tenant to open on any restricted trading day.