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Review of the 2015 amendments to the Retail Trading Act 2008 

NOTE: The closing date for submissions has been extended until 24 March 2017.

On 19 November 2015 the State Parliament supported the NSW Government’s plan to amend the Retail Trading Act 2008 to allow all shops and banks across NSW to trade on Boxing Day subject to staff freely electing to work.

The amendments also strengthened the right of shopkeepers to keep their shop closed on a restricted day and introduced or significantly increased penalties for non-compliance.

As part of the changes Parliament agreed to an independent review after their second year in operation, to determine whether the policy objectives of the 2015 amending Act remain valid and whether its terms remain appropriate.

The Treasurer and Minister for Industrial Relations, the Hon Dominic Perrottet MP, appointed Professor Percy Allan AM to undertake the review. A report on the outcome of the review is to be tabled in Parliament no later than 1 September 2017.

Correspondence has been sent to stakeholders in the retail sector asking them to provide information about:

  • The success or otherwise of Boxing Day trading for retailers, consumers and employees;
  • The effectiveness or otherwise of mechanisms or policies that may have been in place to ensure staff were not coerced or harassed to work;
  • Pressure, if any, placed on retailers by their lessors to open their business on restricted trading days and how that was resolved.

Submissions received will generally be made publicly available through the NSW Industrial Relations website. If you want your submission, or any part of it, to be treated as confidential please indicate this clearly in writing at the time of making the submission.

While reasonable efforts will be made to exclude personal information such as telephone numbers and addresses, it is important that you do not include such detail in the document to be published.

Views may be submitted by email to or by post to:

Professor Percy Allan AM
Review of Retail Trading Amendment Act
C/- NSW Industrial Relations
GPO BOX 5469

NOTE: The closing date for submissions has been extended until 24 March 2017.