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New laws in the entertainment industry commenced on 1 March 2014 

The Entertainment Industry Act 2013 and the accompanying Regulations for the industry commenced on 1 March 2014.  The new Act replaces the old Entertainment Industry Act 1989 and substantially implements the recommendations of an earlier Final Report jointly conducted by the Better Regulation Office and New South Wales Industrial Relations.

All performers in the New South Wales entertainment industry and the agents and managers (performer representatives) who represent them will benefit from the proposed reforms through the delivery of effective and contemporary regulation.

Please be aware that the new laws require performer representatives to provide performers with the Information for Performers fact sheet prior to entering into an entertainment industry agreement. Parents of child performers must also be given the Office of the Children Guardian’s fact sheet which is available at

If a performer representative entered into an entertainment industry contract with a performer prior to 1 March 2014 these fact sheets must be provided before 31 March 2014.

The new Act also introduces a code of conduct to provide performer representatives with clear guidance on the standards of service required to ensure professional and ethical conduct when providing services to performers.


Entertainment Industry Act 2013 - Interim Statutory Review

Entertainment Industry Fact Sheets:

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