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Leave calculator 

Long Service Leave Calculator

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This calculator will assist you to calculate an employee's accumulated entitlement as per the Long Service Leave Act 1955. In New South Wales all employees who have been employed a minimum of 5 years may have some entitlement to Long Service Leave. This calculator will help you determine whether an employee has an entitlement and what that entitlement may be.

Parental Leave

Section 22 of the Fair Work Act 2009 defines the meaning of service and continuous service. Under this section any period of unpaid leave or unpaid authorised absence (such as parental leave) does not break a national system employee’s continuous service with his or her national system employer, but does not count towards the length of the employee’s continuous service.

An example of this would be, if a worker was employed for 10 years and took 1 year of parental leave the worker would need to work a further 12 months to take the 10 year entitlement.

Please note:

Once an employee has completed 15 years of service, only completed years of service will count towards long service leave, and the period of service ends at the last completed year. The long service leave calculator is programmed to reflect this provision of the Act.

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