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Local Government 

Unlike private sector awards, which are now part of the national system, the NSW local government awards and agreements are still administered by NSW Industrial Relations.

To view local government awards click on the links provided below.

Award title

Award code

Broken Hill City Council Consent Award


City of Sydney Wages / Salary Award 2014


Goldenfields Water County Council Enterprise Award 2014


Local Government, Aged, Disability and Home Care (State) Award


Local Government (Electricians)(State) Award


Local Government (State) Award 2017 


South Sydney City Council Salaried Officers Award 2014


South Sydney City Council Wages Staff Award 2014


Training Wage (State) Award 2002



If you are a NSW Public Sector employee seeking information about public sector conditions and entitlements, please contact your relevant Department or Agency Human Resources branch in the first instance.

Further assistance may be provided by the Public Service Commission on (02) 9272 6000 or email

Public sector and Local Government employees and employers can also access a copy of their Award from the Industrial Relations Commission website at NSW Industrial Relations Commission website’s alphabetical list [NSW IR Commission's website].

Copies of modern awards are available for download from Fair Work Online [Fair Work Ombudsman's website].