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Historical awards information 

A full list of NSW state awards and contract determinations and all variations from January 2001 is available from the NSW Industrial Relations Commission website’s alphabetical list.

For older award information prior the last review of an award, an index to the Gazettes should be consulted. This is published as a supplement and is called List of awards and contract determinations. This can be used in conjunction with the NSW Industrial Gazette Online - available to view or search online since January 2001.

For award information published prior to January 2001, a manual search is required.

NSW IR provides basic rates of pay historical information.

For us to provide you with correct rates of pay under a NSW state award you must answer all questions on the form in full. If you do not know the answer to any of the questions you must supply as much information as possible. For example if you do not know the name of the award you will need to provide the title of the position, the role this position is within the business and a detailed description of the duties of the job and details of the purpose of the business and the services it provides. This information is private and confidential. The more information you supply the more accurate our response will be.

For more information go to our contact us page.

For all current award information is available from the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94.