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About the Aboriginal Community Engagement Unit  

About the Aboriginal Community Engagement Unit

Information and Advisory Service

The Aboriginal Community Engagement Unit provides a statewide telephone, and e-mail, enquiry service to indigenous people on Federal and NSW industrial laws, award entitlements and other employment related issues. They include:

  • pay rates
  • employment conditions
  • leave entitlements and work practices
  • basic issues covering recruitment and termination of employment
  • payslips and employment records.

The Unit provides initial telephone/e-mail information, identifies options and facilitates contact and refers clients to appropriate agencies wherever possible.

The Unit works closely with a number of government agencies to undertake visits to regional areas of NSW to:

  • educate indigenous employers and employees of their industrial rights and responsibilities; and
  • promote awareness about the services offered by the Unit and other agencies.

Information sessions, seminars and workshops

The Aboriginal Community Engagement Unit conducts workshops for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on employment issues, Federal and NSW employment laws, minimum standards of employment and best employment practices.

Workshops are conducted on request, through community organisations and with other government agencies. This service is provided in the Sydney metropolitan area and regional centres throughout NSW.