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Workplace flexibility survey 

Conduct a survey on flexibility needs in your workplace

More and more employers are thinking of implementing work-life balance policies or already have work-life balance policies in their workplace and would like to evaluate their usefulness so they can improve on them.

The Better Work-Life Balance Survey Tool is an anonymous questionnaire developed by the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney General to assist employers.

The Better Work-Life Balance Survey Tool aims to help employers measure the effectiveness of their organisation’s flexible work policies by assessing their employees’ awareness of the policies in the workplace, how important the type of policy is to the individual employee, and how comfortable the employee is in using the policies.

The Better Work-Life Balance Survey can help your organisation improve and promote work-life balance in the workplace by:

  • identifying areas of policy development and implementation where change may be required (eg. improve awareness or change workplace culture);
  • monitoring the effectiveness of organisational changes by readministering the survey after changes have been made;
  • responding to the changing needs of your employees and ensuring employees are aware of existing and changed policies by readministering the survey periodically. 

The Better Work Life Balance Survey was developed by the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General. NSW IR acknowledges the work of the Department and their permission to use the survey tool and supporting materials on the NSW IR website.