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Pay equity audit toolkit 

How to conduct a pay equity audit in your workplace

A pay equity audit is a detailed analysis of payroll data to identify where gender pay differences and gender pay issues exist within a workplace.

By conducting a pay equity audit in the workplace, organisations are better able to identify where gender pay inequities exist within their workplace and can then adopt strategies to remove barriers to workforce participation and career progression for female employees.

The Western Australian Department of Commerce has developed a Pay Equity Audit Toolkit to assist organisations to turn data from a pay equity audit into achievable pay equity strategies.

The Department also developed a handbook titled, ‘Developing Pay Equity Strategies’, as part of the toolkit which sets out five steps to help analyse audit data, develop a pay equity action plan and implement and communicate gender pay strategies. The toolkit also contains six pay equity solution sheets that provide strategies and actions to address gender pay issues.

To access the Pay Equity Audit Toolkit [WA Department of Commerce].

The Pay Equity Audit Toolkit was developed by the pay equity team at the Western Australian Department of Commerce (Labour Relations Division). NSW Industrial Relations acknowledges the work of the Department and their permission to use the Survey and supporting materials on the NSW Industrial Relations website.