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Minimising absenteeism 

How can an employer reduce absenteeism?

There are many strategies that an employer can initiate that will help them to reduce absenteeism in their business:

  • Promote a high performance work culture and emphasise the importance of the employee fitting into this culture.
  • Provide flexible work practices which meet the needs of your business and your employees.
  • Promote the use of carer's or domestic leave.
  • Try to eliminate or decrease "boring" or repetitive jobs.
  • Widen job responsibilities.
  • Increase promotional opportunities.
  • Recognise and reward your employees' contribution.
  • Improve the skills of supervisors.
  • Provide training and development.
  • Work with employees to develop strategies to reduce absenteeism.
  • Implement preventative occupational health and safety strategies in order to minimise worker's compensation absences.
  • Monitor annual leave and long service leave data to ensure your employees are taking adequate recreational breaks.

Fair Work Online [Fair Work Ombudsman] has advice and support in the form of best practice guides to assist employers and employees with more information on workplace flexibility.