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Spam filters and email updates 


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Spam filters help you block nuisance emails (spam) but they can also block legitimate emails unless you tell them not to. Spam filters may be blocking your email update emails. The following tips explain how to prevent this:

If you are using spam filter software (eg. spamguard), you need to manually add the email address "" and/or the domain name "" to your list of accepted email addresses within the spam filter software.

Other software that may have in-built spam filters are:

  • Email software
  • Web based email accounts such as 'Hotmail" or 'Yahoo"
  • Internet Service Providers (ISP)

By adding the email address "" and/or the domain name "" to the list of accepted email addresses within the Whitelist for the above software you can ensure that your email updates emails will be delivered safely.

If you are unsure how to update your web based email account filters, we provide instructions for two popular web based email providers, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail  below. If your web mail service is not listed, please consult their help files for instructions on how to adjust the mail filters on your account.

To update your Internet Service Provider (ISP) software, you should contact your ISP and get them to update their spam software.
If you do not adjust your spam filter settings you may not be able to utilise the email update email service.

Hotmail spam filters

To prevent email update emails being filtered to your Junk Mail folder you must add email update emails to your Safe List.

Options > Contacts > Safe List > then type in the email update email address "" OR the domain name ""

Be aware that messages more than 5 days old will be automatically deleted from the Junk E-Mail folder. Review the messages in this folder from time to time to insure only mail you don't want in your Inbox is delivered here. Tell the Junk E-Mail Filter which messages you'd prefer to have delivered to your Inbox by using the checkboxes and then clicking the 'Not Junk' button.

Spam filtering for Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo filters into a folder titled Bulk Mail Folder. Please check that folder to see if your email updates emails have been placed there. If they have, you need to open the email and click the 'Not Spam' button at the bottom of your window. The email will be moved to your Inbox and Yahoo shouldn't continue to filter future email updates emails.

If you do not click the "Not Spam" button, all future emails from email updates will be filtered. You should continue to check this Bulk Mail Folder from time to time to make sure that no other important emails have been filtered into it. 

When SpamGuard is ON, Yahoo! Mail will deliver spam to your Bulk mail folder and delete the messages after 30 days, to change this default, go to Mail Options > Spam Protection > Bulk Mail Folder.


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